When Accenture moved into a new skyscraper in Hudson Yards, they wanted something to glam up the space and showcase their thought leadership.
So, we built an interactive museum with nine installations placed in all corners of their space.
To showcase topics ranging from 5G to Digital Health to New Consumer, prospective clients and employees can interact with nine "innovation hives" built around bespoke technology (augmented reality, smart objects, motion-tracking screens, etc.), art, and demos.
Hive, My Name Is. What? My Name Is...
Hive, My Name Is. What? My Name Is...
All Nine (Bey) Hives
All Nine (Bey) Hives
Rendering The Possibilities
Rendering The Possibilities
An augmented reality (AR) transparent window that populates animated visuals over the streets and landscapes of Manhattan, turning the present-day city into its futuristic self with the potential of 5G.
New Consumer 
Inspired by Mmuseumm, a series of "smart objects" that are linked to specific trends of how consumer behavior and relationships to brands are changing. When a smart object is picked up, content is "triggered" on the screen within the shelfing that explain each trend and provide an example​​​​​​​.
Finance Forward
A stock ticker-inspired art installation where stats, facts, and quotes about how Capital Markets, Insurance, and Investment Banking are under threat by emerging technology and changing consumer behaviors.
Smart Living (Global Sustainability)
Interactive globe (featuring map of Accenture's global offices and videos of Accenture's work with environmental tech) surrounded by custom metal work inspired by the New York City subway map.
Life Sciences
An LED tube installation with morphing lighting and colorways that create abstract DNA molecules across the tubes.
Human Potential
A honeycomb-style screen featuring beautiful, inspiring imagery and video of people candidly out in the world, showcasing themselves "living their best lives," that rotate in and out.
Digital Health
A monolithic, motion-activated LED screen that "triggers" stats, facts, and quotes about telehealth applications when a user waves their arm or sways their body.
A series of vertical screens with animations and content showcasing the power of cloud software.
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