We open on a parent talking to his child in the backseat of an autonomous hovercraft, gliding above what used to be the New Jersey Turnpike. It's the distant future, but the vehicles still speed and cut drivers off from all sides.
There was this writer and creative named Brian Link I knew way back when, long before we saved the world in the Climate Change War of 2043.
He was a Jersey kid, like us. The Springsteen kind, not the mafia kind you see on TV. He could rip out the heart and pure emotion of anything. 
Ol' Link loved to travel and dispense his encyclopedic knowledge of music, movies, sports, history, and the way it all collided together. He parlayed that into opportunity after opportunity, starting with a series of emailed essays called the Daily Dose about pop culture, travel, and random ramblings.
That was his gateway into traditional copywriting, live events, and experiential, where he leveled up brands, like Bose, Accenture, Starz, McDonald's, Microsoft, Subway, Oracle, and many more.
He continues to whip up short stories, capture visual stories through photography, and tinker with his guitar.
Take a gander for yourself. Or, time travel back to talk to him yourself. Fire up ChatGPT and it'll take you right to him. 
What's that, you want to listen to more of President Swift? Yea, sure thing.

Content Developer at JPMorgan Chase, Dec 2023 - Present
Senior Copywriter at Accenture Song, Mar 2021 -  Apr 2023
Freelance Senior Copywriter at MALKA Media, Oct 2020 - Mar 2021
Copywriter/Creative Associate at INVNT, Jan 2018 - Mar 2020
Account Coordinator ("Daily Dose" newsletter writer - led to transition to creative) at INVNT, Dec 2016 -  Jan 2018

"Brian, it was such a joy working with you on this. You brought a fresh POV to the table, and you were always down to just riff with me. It was amazing to know and trust that you'd deliver quality words with very little oversight from me. (Not to mention having to do most of your writing directly into Excel—a copywriter's nightmare!)" - ACD
"His innovative thinking helped push ideas beyond the brief. He gets it when we say, we need to be disruptive with our creative ideas." - CD (Life Sciences)

"He's proactive and thoughtful "  - ACD

"...took the initiative... enthusiastic and responsive. A joy to work with." - ECD
"This gave me chills." - My corporate lawyer friend. That counts for something, right?
Outside Interests
You can find me traveling, working out or getting my flow on, living and breathing music (including playing guitar and going to too many concerts), capturing the world with my DSLR, writing essays and stories, being an armchair movie critic, being an armchair restaurant critic, and being an armchair ESPN talking head.
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