How do you educate people about what hemp-infused seltzer is, while crafting engaging, relatable, and entertaining content? By distilling the brand and health benefits into witty cultural commentary, simplified science, and endorsement-driven storytelling.
Kalo is a new hemp-infused seltzer. Since it's a new brand AND new twist on an old favorite, we helped Kalo flesh out a witty, culture-referencing, and educational voice on social. Then, we teamed up with UFC legend, Frankie Edgar, to tell his story as an athlete-father-husband-podcaster-entrepreneur through lens of Kalo's calming effects (aka perfect for recovery).​​​​​​​
 It's the time Frankie Edgar spends with them that he relishes more than anything else.
Frankie's intense training leaves his body in need of rest, and Kalo's there to help him recover.
Frankie has to keep his mental game in check to stay present in the moment.
Memes and pithy captions distill the science and brand personality through everyday context.
Ghostwriting, not ghosting. Powering the champ with brand storytelling.
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