Welcome Home, Genesis
Leveraging a balance between modern elegance and timeless edge, we crafted a thrilling slate of programming filled with a spoken word and live music performances, a custom car cover auction (designed by Tristan Eaton), and a reveal of an updated car model. To capture the Meatpacking District's essence, we flanked the space with a large LED screen that shows activity along the cobble-stoned lined streets of the neighborhood so attendees would feel the outside energy inside the Brand Center.
Teamwork made the dreamwork. Here's how I helped dream this up:
I established a GQ/Vogue-inspired tone of voice; concepted and helped shape the performances, talent, and collaborators (Tristan Eaton-included); and jammed out a poem (see below).
A Newfound Home is Where the Heart Is
A luxury brand doesn't stumble on the Meatpacking District. They deliberately choose it. That's what this editorial-inspired manifesto gets at. That's what inspired the editorial writing style, Tristan Eaton as the street artist for the custom car cover, performances, and look and feel of the night. 
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