Melodies & Musings is a collection of essay at the intersection of music, culture, and observations of everyday life.
(Cover image created by DALL-E 3)
Sample from "An Ode to Concerts"
"The disconnected metalhead finds unconditional acceptance amid the aggressive catharsis of fellow headbangers and double bass pedals. The weekend warrior lets out his pent-up spirit – held back from his Monday – Friday corporate world – at an EDM festival. The country music rebel hears the rallying optimism that whispers to her soul. The beach bum finds his bliss in the brighter notes of the downbeat upstrokes of the sun-soaked reggae sounds. The infectious vibrance of the dancer finds total synchronization and flow in the reggaeton grooves. The dreamer finds truth and blood-born connection in the vulnerable storytelling of his favorite rapper. The jazz enthusiast finds balance and harmony in the beauty of masterful improvisation and a caramelized burn in her Old-Fashioned. The punklord-turned-proud father finds nostalgia in the stadium anthems of classic rock royalty. The free-spirited activist-turned-mother finds escape in the acid-dripped soundscape of her favorite jam band."

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