Taking Marketers on the Hero's Journey
Marketers and salespeople love to tout themselves as storytellers (okay, fine, creatives do, too). To kick off their annual Modern Customer Experience, Oracle wanted to electrify a crowd of professionals in marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service with the essential storytelling structure in existence: Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey.
Marching to the BEat of a LEGENDARY Drum
We teamed up with DJ AFISHAL, a DJ-drummer-YouTuber hybrid, to create an energizing, propulsive, and inspiring opening performance based on the conference's "Be Legendary" tagline. 
So, I crafted a three-act storyboard/write-up that grounded custom song's "story" and musical foundation, as well as providing on-screen copy and notes and creative direction to DJ AFISHAL and his music production, design, and animation partners.
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